Breakfast of a king, lunch of a prince, dinner of a poor…

.. those are the words that my father (a nutritionist/dietitian) always says. Meaning that your calories intake should be higher in the morning, as those calories are gonna be used throughout the day, a little lower at midday and very very low at night as then, you only go to bed and can’t burn those calories off.

Well said dad but uh.. working all day and having no place to eat but your desk in front of your computer does not help at all satisfying your precept.

So I find myself having a regular breakfast (usually a yogurt and some cookies or tea and cookies, rarely bread, butter and jam) that nonetheless has me starving by 10-10:30AM.

My well awaited lunch break doesn’t consist of any heavy food – mainly carbs (yeah I know dad, they’re bad for you!) in the form of a sandwich or something like that, not big not really stuffed. So this brings me to have a piece of chocolate in order to satisfy my sweet tooth (bad again, I know dad!) but most of all, has me COMPLETELY BLIND BY STARVATION by the time I get home. And sometimes I let myself behave very badly (see last night) and grab a piece of pizza at the bakery shop on the corner of my street as a ‘little’ appetizer before having dinner.

I know this is not good at all, but at least I do eat my veggies and fruits!

Thing is that when I’m away from home, i.e. not sourrounded by my usual comfort, having to walk and take the bus rather than driving everywhere, I feel justified if I eat a bit more.

While I was in Manchester I didn’t gain much wait after all. Because I walked a lot (yes dad, exercise is good for you, I knew it myself!). Although I discovered a new world made of Sainsbury’s Caramel Shortcakes and Flapjack pies – oh my God, that is probably the second thing I miss the most about England (lol).

As for today I had carrots and two pieces of schiacciatine for lunch plus two bites of Ritter Sport chocolate bar. I have no idea what I will have tonight. And this thought will occupy my mind for the whole afternoon and I might even make a mess at work because of it (eh! I’m exaggerating a bit there!).

In conclusion, my dear dad, I ask you not to get mad at me if my current diet consist of the breakfast of a middle class person, the lunch of a kind-of-poor and the dinner of an emperor.


About gabbylovesmcr

I'm a Southern girl currently living in the Northern part of my country. My heart belongs to the East, but I've also travelled West
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